DANIELS WINGERAK ENGINEERING LTD. and its predecessor firm, Daniels Engineering Ltd. have been providing mechanical consulting services since 1980. The firm was founded by John Daniels, P.Eng. and David Colquhoun in 1980. Both Mr. Daniels and Mr. Colquhoun were well known in the construction industry in Saskatchewan, having practiced since the 1960's. They established a tradition of excellence and solid mechanical design work that continues to this day.


A properly implemented mechanical system can greatly enhance occupant comfort, indoor air quality, energy conservation, and the overall operation of the building.   Our design philosophy encompasses the following key points:

  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in mechanical components, equipment and systems.  Integrate new developments with tried and tested methods to achieve the optimum mechanical solutions.

  • Consider energy efficiency measures and incorporate them wherever possible and economically feasible.


  • A quality mechanical design must give consideration to the building size and use, capital and operating costs, architectural requirements, and the construction budget.

  • Design mechanical systems with a view for service and maintenance of the mechanical equipment.  Adequate service clearances for routine maintenance and repairs can provide considerable cost savings in the operation of the building and extend the useful life of the mechanical systems and the building.

  • Work closely with other members of the design team to achieve an energy efficient integrated design.